Walk In Tub Therapeutic Features

Therapeutic Features of a Walk In Tub

Walk-In tubs are a great way to add comfort and safety to any home.  It allows you to enjoy a luxurious spa experience in the safety of your own home.  Walk-In Tubs have a low easy to enter step in as well as a built in seat and safety gran bars.  There are many therapeutic features and benefits of a walk in tub…

Hydrotherapy Massage

Water jets from the walk-in tubs eliminate pain causing acid in the muscles, which will help relieve and eliminate the body aches and inflammation.

Air Bubble Therapy

Air jets release thousands of bubbles  that create gentle caressing massage that improves circulation.  The bubbles increase buoyancy which rejuvenates tired muscles and relieves tired joints.


Using scents and aromatherapy releases neurochemicals in the brain that helps with relaxation.  The results depends upon which essential oil and scent is chosen.


The use of colored lights in the water does improve mood and allows for optimal relaxation.  It is often used to relieve stress, insomnia, and other disorders.

The walk-in tub helps ease the pain of many symptoms, such as arthritis, diabetes, stress, back, and muscle pain.  Walk-In tubs definitely aid in releasing endorphins that help deliver comfort and the relief that you need.