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We know that being able to bathe yourself is an important part of living independently, and here at New Bath Walk-In Tubs we offer a line of walk-in tubs that are both safe and beautiful.  With bathroom accidents being one of the most common home accidents, with an adult 65 years or older suffering from a fall every 2.3 seconds. Do not wait until a fall to change out your old tub, eliminate the fear of falling with a Jacuzzi Walk-in Bathtub from New Bath Walk-In Tubs. With our high quality, affordable walk in baths and professional installers we can turn your old bathroom into a beautiful, luxurious spa experience efficiently, giving you more time to enjoy your new walk in bath.

With offices throughout the state of Ohio, we help homeowners in Columbus, Cincinnati, Dayton, Toledo, Cleveland, Ohio; get the walk-in tub of their dreams. You can have peace of mind and a spa-like experience everyday in your home with a Jacuzzi Walk-in Bathtub from New Bath Walk-In Tubs!  Each walk in tub is tested to ensure top quality performance and durability.

New Bath Walk-In Tub is a dealer of the Jacuzzi Walk-in Bathtub.

Our Jacuzzi Walk-In Bathtubs feature a variety of options, we design our walk-in bathtubs to provide a relaxing and stress-free sensation for anyone.  With the Jacuzzi Walk in Bathtub, bathing at home is safe, effortless, and soothing.  Our Jacuzzi Walk in Bathtubs are compatible with Epsom salt.  For centuries, both hydrotherapy and Epsom salt have been used to maximize wellness.  Now, you can capture the benefits of both in our Jacuzzi walk in Bathtub specifically designed for Epsom salt use in a jetted tub experience.


The Jacuzzi BrandJacuzzi walk in tubs 60 years

Throughout our 60 year of history, the Jacuzzi brand has maintained its status as an innovator.  Legendary for performance, the Jacuzzi brand tradition of innovation in hydromessage has made Jacuzzi the most desired product in whirlpool bathing.

The Jacuzzi Legacy

The the world renowned Jacuzzi® Brand hydrotherapy is the name that launched the industry and continues to redefine it.  The Jacuzzi brothers revolutionized the pump industry by earning them a gold medal award in 1930.  Read more on the Jacuzzi legacy.

The Jacuzzi Approach

The Jacuzzi®philosophy of thoughtful design, quality engineering, and ultimate performance underscores everything.  From the perfect placement of jets to the ergonomic seating, Jacuzzi Walk In Tubs deliver high-quality hydro-massage.


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