Why Jacuzzi Walk in Tubs?

Soothing Hydrotherapy

The Jacuzzi® Walk in Tub combines the therapeutic power of the whirlpool experience and the effervescence of Pure Air® in one system to deliver the ultimate home retreat from everyday life.  After Bathing in a Jacuzzi® bathtub with hydro-massage you will notice the difference in how you feel.  Hydrotherapy involves the use of heat and buoyancy for soothing aches and pains.  The Jacuzzi Walk in Tub is designed for safety, comfort, and convenience.  Improve your quality of sleep, increase circulation, ease chronic pains and relieve pressure on your sore joints and muscles.

Fast Drain Technology

The Jacuzzi® bathtub exclusive FAST DRAIN empties the water in nearly half the time as the previous standard rotary drain.  Jacuzzi Inc. now offers a simple solution that combines industry-leading safety with their legendary hot tub expertise: the Jacuzzi® Walk in Tub. These unique tubs can make your bathing experience a pain and stress reducing pleasure, keeping you safe and protecting your independence.

Easy Entry & Exit

With the Jacuzzi Walk in Tub you walk in, close the door, and relax.  Designed with easy access and comfortable bathing in mind, the Jacuzzi® Walk in Tub gives new meaning to independent living.  With Jacuzzi® technology and a variety of safety features, everyone  can now experience the true Jacuzzi® bathtub hydrotherapy experience.

Jacuzzi® patented dual-pin door lock creates a secure seal.  The stylish, ergonomically designed handle requires minimal effort for closing and opening operation.

Luxury and performance for any phase of life

  • Water tight security:  patented dual pin locking door makes the walk in tub completely leak-proof
  • Fast fill technology:  fulls the tub significantly faster and at the perfect temperature
  • Ergonomic hand held shower:  soft, comfortable strap and a soft touch push button to change flow
  • Perfect fit:  designed to fit into standard bathtub spaces
  • Easy to use controls:  choose your experience with a simple touch of a button
  • Balanced air flow system:  a unique network of channels that push air evenly into the bath
  • Easy access to plumbing:  panels removes easily for convenient access
  • Built in safety:  ergonomic chrome grab bars and slip resistant flooring

Jacuzzi Walk in Tub: The Salon Spa Perfect Experience

  • High gloss acrylic
  • Steel frame
  • 10 total jets
  • Heated air blower
  • 360º balance air flow
  • Chromtherapy lightning
  • Inline maintenance heater
  • Aromatherapy system


Next Steps to getting the walk in tub of your dreams...

With Jacuzzi® technology and advances in safety features and benefits, everyone can experience the true Jacuzzi® hydrotherapy experience.  Discover the healing and life-changing benefits of Jacuzzi® hydrotherapy, and request a brochure today.